Kids 9 - 12yrs  $45.00 per month*

Youth 13 - 17yrs  $50.00 per month*

Adult 18 + yrs  $60.00 per month*

Police/Fire/Active Military  $55.00 per month*

Single day visitor Fee  $20.00 for U.S.A.F. member / $25.00 non-U.S.A.F.

Family Rates available

There will be a separate charge for demonstrations, workshops, and seminars taught. USAF and non-USAF Dojo members shall abide by the Dojo’s and the USAF’s rules, by-laws, and regulations at any Aikido function, practice or outing. It is the responsibility of the member to learn the rules, by-laws and regulations of the Dojo and the USAF. Rule changes will be announced verbally and/or by posting or by written notice. Also, be sure to talk to your Sensei or Dojo-Cho if you have any questions.

*an annual dojo processing fee is required for all students