Parental Responsibilities for all underage (minor) students:

The following are guidelines for safety and wellbeing of the student member and all other students and instructors of NCA.

• No student, parent / guardian or child of member students who is not attending class shall be permitted in the class room without the permission of the instructor.

• Lockers should be used store all articles that are not required during class.

• Parents / guardian of member students are asked to see that their children arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class start time and are expected to be prompt in picking up children after class.

• If the student member will be absent from class the parent / guardian is to notify the instructor / school ahead of time.

• Only the parent /guardian will be allowed to pick up the student member unless the instructor is notified by the parent / guardian of who will be picking them up ahead of time.

• No child or under aged student will be allowed to leave the classroom / dojo without a parent / guardian, adult escort.